The Programme

This is the general outline of how Midhack will proceed. More details will be provided on site.

  • 11:00


    MittMedia welcomes all participants at the Mid University Campus. The Midhack Crew, the assessment criteria and the process for handing in your projects is presented as well as the submitted teams.

  • 12:00

    The hack kicks off

    Get hacking! You now have 24 hours until presentation.

  • 14:00


    Coffee and a hearty sandwich will be provided.

  • 18:00


    Dinner from Biteline will be provided.

  • 06:00-08:00


    Breakfast will be provided.

  • 12:00

    Work submittal deadline

    You now need to be done and ready to present your projects.

  • 12:10

    Presentation of the work

    Get ready by the stage, cause soon your team will present to the Jury, in the mean time, have a snack.

  • 14:00


    After the Jury have discussed and some mingle, the winners will be anounced.