What is Midhack?

The registration for Midhack 2016 is closed, but you are very welcome to contact us at crew@midhack.se and we'll find you a spot in one of the teams. Otherwise you are welcome to apply next year.

MittMedia together with Mid Sweden University are hosting a 24 hour hackathon on November 19th - 20th for journalists, photojournalists, public relation officers, communications managers, graphic artists, computer scientists and engineers. There are no entry requirements, you do not need to be an expert!

Midhack is organized with the aim to stimulate a cooperation that will inspire new ways to consume news. During 24 hours, you and your team are competing against other teams in the quest to win 10 000 kr and a chance to do diploma work for MittMedia. Two people from last year’s winning team were hired by MittMedia and one is currently doing diploma work.

Your team will consist of students with varying area of study and everyone will contribute to the project with their expertise. What your team decides to create is up to the team members. The project goal can be to produce a functioning service, a great concept, an interactive news story, the beginning of a diploma work, or a mobile application, etc.

Good to know

You are free to use any open data sources available. Here are some examples of open data sources that might be relevant, and there is also a complete list at opendata.se. You may also work with data that you yourself have access to. You can either bring your own laptop or you can use the computer rooms at the university. If you and your team would get stuck in some way, there will be journalists, editors, User Experience designers and software developers available for counseling and guidance.

Code of Conduct

The purpose of Midhack is to offer a venue where the participants can learn from each other and have fun together in a safe and welcoming environment. To ensure this, there are some rules which needs to be maintained. All attendees, organizers and mentors at Midhack are required to agree with this code of conduct, which will be enforced throughout the event.

Please, keep in mind:


All kinds of harassment is unacceptable, everyone should be able to feel safe regardless of gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion, background, nationality, previous experience or lack of experience etc. Sexual language, imagery and unwelcome sexual attention is inappropriate and will be considered as a breach against this code of conduct.


Hackathon participants are encouraged to take photographs during the event, however, other participants must be given a chance to opt out from being photographed. The organizers will take photographs and any participant who are not feeling comfortable with the images being published in social media or other public channels should inform the photographer about this.

Violence & Drugs

There is a strict no drugs policy during the event, this includes alcohol. No physical violence or verbal offences will be tolerated.


Participants who are violating these rules will be cautioned and risk being expelled. If a participant has been expelled, he/she can no longer claim any part in any prize awarded to the team.

Need to report a violation?

If you experience that any of the points above are not respected at Midhack. Please do not hesitate to contact Teresia Edling, Project Officer, 010-1428304, or email teresia.edling@miun.se. It is our sincerest hope that all participants will respect these rules and that all attendees will feel safe and have a lot of fun.

GLHF, happy hacking!

/Midhack crew

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